It’s not the End,
it’s the beginning of a new era.
All the troubles that drifted me apart from myself.
To all the times I prayed when I fell,
to all the times I felt I would not be able to make it,
a writer’s heart was what kept me going.

People came, people went,
but the writing was the motivation,
that to me was God sent.

To all the moments when i felt alone,
 the writing was how my seeds were sown.
To writing and the people,
who knowingly, unknowingly supported me.
I knew my tree would one-day grow.

~Geet Dhillon

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Geet Dhillon

Teacher, Web Designer/Developer by profession and a travel enthusiast who loves to meet people and make new friends. My name is Geet Dhillon and I am inspired by Artists, Writers, Entrepreneur & Visionaries. I try to find way to help, promote their talent and creativity.
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