How to Create a Sticky Header via Code in a WordPress Website?

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You must have seen a sticky header on the websites. It allows your visitors to easily navigate through your menu items even when they have scrolled down. Here I will guide you to easily setup the sticky header using a small code in your WordPress website. Firstly you might be using any theme or Elementor header and footer builder to create your header. You don’t need to worry this tutorial is for everyone. Even if you don’t know how to code, you will be easily able to implement it. There are plugins available to do the same, but they don’t full fill one or the other functionality or are paid ones, hence I am showing you an easy way via code which you can do it yourself without any problem. I am using Astra Theme here, but you can perform this for any theme you have installed.

Things You Require

To be true all that you require is within your WordPress dashboard and the front end of the website when viewed from the browser in inspector mode. You might have any browser Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge etc. won’t hamper your work. Still let me just point out some things:

  • A browser in which you are logged in with your WordPress.
  • A Tab with your front end of the website open.
  • A plugin “Simple Custom CSS and JS” installed
  • A CSS and a JS code I will provide you.

What is the procedure?

The detailed procedure has been provided in the video. But here is a “how to do it as a checklist?”:

  • First Inside your dashboard go to plugins > Search “Simple Custom CSS and JS” plugin, install and activate it.
  • This plugin will be shown on the WordPress Panel Menu with an option to add custom CSS – Copy the custom CSS code provided below.
  • Add a custom JS file using the plugin – Copy the custom JS code provided below.
  • Go to the front end of our website and right click > Inspect.
  • Using the element selector tool find the complete header id or class. Prefer to find an id, but the class would work just fine.
  • Copy that id and come back to your CSS code and change “ast-desktop-header” with your id. if its a class make sure to change the “#” to a “.”, so your code will work.
  • Now open the JS file and do the same change”ast-desktop-header” with your id or class and put “#” or “.” accordingly.
  • Then change the offset from 600 which I have set to any value you want, it will mean after what distance should the header show once the user has scrolled down.
  • Check the front end, your header would become sticky.

The Code

Here I am providing the CSS and JS Code for you:

The CSS Code:-

#ast-desktop-header {
  position: relative;

@media (min-width: 1024px) {
  #ast-desktop-header.sticky {
    position: fixed;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    right: 0;
    z-index: 999;

The JS Code:-

  window.addEventListener('scroll', function() {
    var header = document.querySelector('#ast-desktop-header');
    if (window.innerWidth > 1024 && window.pageYOffset > 600) {
    } else {

Here is a video guide for you to checkout: –

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