Add WhatsApp Chat to your WordPress Website?

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Its important to add some kind of chat support on your website and what better way than to integrate WhatsApp inside your website. If you can provide some kind of support to your visitors, they would be able to trust you more and your reliability would increase.

No Matter what brand, product or service you are providing, if you don’t provide a way to build a communication channel with your audience you are missing out on returning visitors. Hence here is a video guide on how to add WhatsApp Chat to your WordPress Website using free resources.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Go to Plugins and add new.
  • Search for JoinChat or Wame.
  • You will see the joinchat option, install and activate it.
  • In the settings for JoinChat, add your number, untill you add your number the WhatsApp icon won’t show in the front end.
  • You will have further options to customize like,
    • Setting the Tool tip.
  • After how long should the WhatsApp button appear on page.
    • What all pages should WhatsApp button appear?
    • What message should the user see when it clicks on the WhatsApp button?
    • What should be the auto message from the user end, so they don’t have to type the greetings.
    • Do you want to keep the position of the icon left or right?
    • Do you want WhatsApp for mobile only?
    • Do you want to redirect to WhatsApp web for desktop users or add a QR code option?

There are many options available in the free version, above are just the few, if you go for paid version the features would increase.

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