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Graphic Design

Creating graphics for your social media and website is like painting a picture. Instead of a picture it is your brand. Let's create great graphics .

Web Development

Give yourself the power and make your presence known to the world. Create and design a powerful web application to run your business hassle-free.

Technical Trainer

Technology has made a way in our lives. Want to learn the trending technology? You can checkout my courses to see what suits your needs.

Hey there,

My name is Geet Dhillon and I am a passionate freelancer based in Chandigarh.

I have been in this trade since 2014 now. I can help you to custom design and develop your website or web app in various trending technologies. If you want to upgrade your skill or learn new treading technology to manage your data or get a job, don’t hesitate, hire me as an instructor or purchase my courses.

How I Can Help You

As the telecom sector is advancing and the rise of internet data packs, People are switching from a physical realm to the virtual world. Nowadays, it is necessary to set your business up and running on the web. You may be in the service sector or a brand, an entrepreneur, an artist, a businessman; an online presence is mandatory nowadays.

Be it Education, Business, Manufacturing, Health etc, no matter what industry you work in, I can help you setup a responsive web or mobile application with a CMS customized to your needs using PHP, Its frameworks such as WordPress, Magento and other necessary technologies.

In today’s world you have to put your word out. If you are a service provider, an NGO or a brand; or  you may be a company or an individual looking to setup an online portfolio, or probably start your own blog. I can design an engaging website for you to showcase your brand or your skills. 

A picture speaks a thousand words and social media platforms are a great way to advertise your services. But social media blogs need great graphics and I can design social media graphics for your profile. I can also design banners, pamphlets, posters, brochures, logos, postcards etc.

Move your physical store to the web and break the limit of your customers. You can sell your products to the world, so why limit to your region. If you have a business idea, i can help you make it a reality by setting it up online, So that your customers can interact with you easily, and you can provide them services easily.

I can help you setup your E-Commerce shop which would be secure, seo optimized with a CMS to manage your products. I also offer content writing, maintenance services. You can choose to develop it in Magento, WordPress or Shopify.

Branding is an important part for any business or service. It requires a whole concept from scratch and apply it everywhere to build an identity.I can help you setup your individual or business portfolio online.

You may be an artist, a personal trainer or coach, a tutor, or running your own saloon, a writer, or running your own boutique, or a photographer. From designing logos to choosing a scheme for your website to your social branding and social page setup. All is covered.

I started teaching the various trending technologies in 2016. If you are a geeky enthusiast looking to create something, or a college graduate stuck with bad grades, or an individual just wanting to start off your freelancing journey, I can help you.

Remember, age is just a number and I can teach you :- Web Designing(Html, CSS, JavaScript), Photoshop, WordPress, Basic Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Basic Python, Django, Basic Computer and Linux. I can help you become a professional web designer/ developer, so that you can design websites and graphics for yourself.

I create professional video tutorials for technologies like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Html & CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Python, Django etc in Hindi and English.I collaborate with companies to create curriculum, course content, course videos, record and edit videos that match up with the companies requirements on the all the trending technologies like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Web Designing, WordPress, Python, Django etc.

You can check out some of my work :
EFA Courses :
BrainyWood :
You can check out my courses at:

A lot of content has to be written if you want to brand yourself and create a portfolio or blog. I can help you with Article writing, blogging, copywriting, proofreading, data conversion from images/pdf to excel or word, spell & grammar checks.

It’s always awesome to meet the people involved in the same trade and i am always looking to find people who are serious about their work. I am developing a team and in constant need for extra manpower. I am looking for PHP, WordPress and Magento developers, content writers, graphic designers.

Also i have some other ventures which i think you might find interesting. Travel Walkthroughs is for the enthusiastic travellers and I am looking for bloggers who can write for me. Chai ke Sath is another venture for the artists and writers where one can express oneself through words and colours. If you are an artist, writer or blogger do checkout these and let’s collaborate.

Latest Projects

Here is a small list of the latest projects I have been working on.
You can check out the whole list as well.


Online Health and Dietary Experts


Test Portal Application

Biotech Sapeins

Education Website

Let's take you live

I provide some premade packages convenient for most of the requirements, in case your’s are a little complex you can create a custom package with high-end or low-end as per your budget and needs.


Grow Wings

Starting at


  • One-Page Portfolio
  • Seo Friendly
  • Advanced Security
  • Best for Branding
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Fly High

Starting at


  • Multi-Page Website
  • Seo Friendly
  • Advanced Security
  • Best for Blogs
Choose Plan

In Deep

Starting at


  • Multi-Page Website
  • Seo Friendly
  • Advanced Security
  • Best for E-Commerce
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A website has to be hosted on a server. It is like a websites residence and an annual fee has to be paid to keep your website live and working. I extend my secure hosting plans at a friendly budget. Starts at Rs 200/month.

SSL or Secure socket layer certificate enables you to send and receive encrypted data on your website. In simple terms you shall get a padlock next to your domain name in the browser. I provide a range of SSL certificates starting at Rs 500/Yr.


After a website is completed it requires maintenance. Maintenance includes keeping the website updated with the latest security measures. Along with data uploads such as banners, images, content. Starts at Rs 2000/month.

Custom Package

If you think your requirements are a little complex and cannot be included in the above package. You can choose to create your custom package.

Let me take you live and kickstart your brand.