Add a Free Chatbot to WordPress Website?

We have already talked about how to add WhatsApp chat to your WordPress website. Now we will learn how to add another free chatbot to your website. It offers a complete support system which you can integrate in your website along with full customization support. They have a paid as well as free plan. They also have addons which increase the efficiency and features of the chatbot. Recently they are trying to add AI features to the bot.

Here is a step by step guide on how to integrate it: –

Add a Free Chatbot to your WordPress Website

What are the benefits?

If I talk about the benefits here are a few: –

  • It is completely free to use and integrate.
  • Its very easy to setup on your website.
  • You don’t have to add additional plugins to your website as it offers a separate dashboard on the web.
  • You can complete customization options on how and where the chatbot should appear.
  • You can add multiple agents and provide a professional support 24*7 to your customers.
  • It will also provide you with analytics of the visitors visiting your site.
  • It allows you to add FAQ or a knowledge base section with loads of features for the chat agent like adding shortcuts.
  • It has options for quick triggers for visitors as soon as they visit the site.
  • Also you have auto responders and you can set triggers as per a specific page.
  • You don’t have to giveaway your personal number like how you would if you integrated WhatsApp, and this acts as an intermediary support.

This module is so vast, that I will be creating a separate tutorial on how to create a complete support system using these features. Till then enjoy this free smart chatbot.

Need Good Budget Friendly Reliable Hosting and Domain Options?

Here is a list of a few you will not regret. You can click here to get discounts and redirected in a new tab. if you need further discounts you can contact me on live chat.

Hostinger – Most budget friendly, reliable and good server configuration with good features and support. I personally prefer this for myself and my clients.

Bluehost – Budget friendly, Good Service and hosting configuration.

Fastcomet – I personally use this hosting as well. It offers very good server configuration. you will have discounts initially, but renewal cost is too much. But as far as the servers go very good hosting.

Siteground – Very good hosting, awesome servers, very good support, budget friendly initially, but renewal cost is high. Currently not operating in India.

Bigrock – Decent hosting, and decent budget you can try this as well.

Namecheap – They are very famous for their domain services, but a little new to hosting. I have only heard good reviews about this hosting but not personally used for hosting. But I personally use it to buy domains and I love this service.

WordPress – A little expensive, with limitations on what you can do also no configuration available for server customization as they control everything. But it is optimized for WordPress, hence no problems in performance, just a little expensive with restrictions on what you can do with WordPress.

Kinsta – Very expensive, but top class service, fully optimized servers and you will never complain of a website build on their servers.

Hostripples – Decent hosting, not as optimized in terms of servers, but yes you can try this out.

HostitBro – Very budget friendly and with good discounts. Just the servers are not very optimized and I would personally only use for very basic website or educational purposes.

WordPress in Hindi ( Basic to Pro)

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