How to Add Popup to WordPress Website?

You must have seen popup’s appearing in many websites with some text or info-graphics. Pops allow you to provide some extra information, get details of the customer using a form, or redirect visitors to a specific link. This allows you to target your visitors/ customers much better. It can be in form of an image, text, contact form or all of the mentioned.

Here we shall learn how to add popups easily to the WordPress website using a plugin. We will be discussing 2 ways:-

1) How to add popups using the click button method.
2) How to add auto delay popups which appear after a few seconds as soon as the page loads.

Basic Steps

  1. Firstly you need to search Popup Maker plugin in your WordPress plugin repository.
  2. After that, Install and activate the Popup Maker plugin.
  3. Then you will have to go to Popup Maker > Create a Popup from your WordPress dashboard.
  4. You will be asked to enter title for your Pop up twice, the first one is for your internal reference and second one would be shown in the front end.
  5. Enter a title for your popup in the Title field.
  6. Then add the image, text, video or contact form as per your need.
  7. Scroll down a bit and add a trigger type, you will have click to open selected, you can choose time delay/ auto open or form submission. Choose the one you require.
  8. If you want the pop up to just load once and not everytime the user refreshes the page then make sure to check the box “Prevent popup from showing to visitor again using a cookie?”
  9. If it is time delay set the duration after which the popup will show, or else if it is click to open type css class of the element you want should open the pop up on click.
  10. Select the targeting option to decide the conditions and pages to launch the pop on.
  11. Configure the rest of the settings for your popup. You can set the size, position, animation, and other display settings for your popup.
  12. Save the pop up and if it is a click to open type trigger make sure, to edit the element (like a button etc) and change the css class there.

Adding Popups to WordPress Site

Tip to Remember:

1) Make sure you add the popup but provide the user with an option to escape out of the popup if he/she is not interested otherwise the user might walk away from the site.
2) Make the pop up with a smaller size so a visitor can leave the site and add a overlay close and ESC close option for visitors to exit the popup easily and visit the site.

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